Sexy Scorpios


Oct 23 – Nov 21

In Life

If you are looking for a deep soul with no time for drama, you couldn’t do better than to know a Scorpio. You’ll never really know where you stand with them as they are constantly observing everything in their world and will never be obvious about their reactions. Because of this amazing talent to quickly learn people and evaluate situations Scorpios tend to lose interest quickly. But they are easy-going so they will never cause a scene. Once they let you think you are in their inner circle you will discover they are very passionate people with a tendency for jealousy, competition and unpredictability.

In Love

A Scorpios first love is unforgettable and many end up marrying their first love. Scorpios do not give their hearts away easy so when you snag one you can rest assured that it is the real deal. Once the hook has been set, a Scorpio is a very passionate but jealous lover. You will even find that they tend to be unrestrained in the bedroom so but your seat belt on and enjoy the ride. If you start to feel that they are getting a little overprotective make sure to talk to them about it. They don’t mean it in a bad way. They are very critical of themselves and don’t open up to people easily so it is more likely that they are just scared of losing you than something you did to make them feel this way.

A Scorpio lover is extremely loyal and dependable but what out! Don’t piss one off or they will sting you. A scorned Scorpio will be cold, secretive and vengeful. If it’s just not working out for you talk to them without the drama and you should be just fine.

BEST MATCHES: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces

WORST MATCHES: Libra, Leo, Gemini

At Work

When hiring a Scorpio, know that they bring to the table a steadfastness to do the work put before them. They are focused and determined. They posses a genuine creativity and imagination but are afraid to use it most of the time lest they be judged by others. You won’t have to worry about break room drama with this employee. They hate gossip and won’t waiver from the task at hand and can withstand attitudes of coworkers to get the job done.

As a boss a Scorpio makes for a great fearless leader. They always keep the team on task and can redirect confrontations easily. They set very high standards for themselves and put those self-imposed expectations on their employees as well. They are not afraid to reward hard work with time off, bonuses or a dinner out.

Top 10 Jobs for Scorpios according to are: Coroner/Forensic Expert, Private Investigator, Psychiatrist, Embalmer, Researcher, Surgeon, Sex Therapist, Dominatrix, Bill Collector and a Hypnotist.

In Family

Scorpio mothers and fathers know their children very well. Both have high expectations for good behavior in the brood. The Scorpio father will start preparing early for fatherhood and will be a compassionate, protective and strict caregiver for his offspring. The Scorpio mother is extremely sentimental and will make sure her children have every opportunity to experience what the world has to offer and make memories for a life time. She is the ruler of the family with stern discipline and considers her family’s welfare to be more important than anything else. Among all the over protectiveness and organization control freak, the Scorpio mom is very generous with gifts and wants to share the beauty of the world with her family and makes it a personal mission to do so.

In Friendship

Although their inner circles tend to be small, the Scorpio can get along with just about anyone that can leave drama at the door. You can speak freely with them and trust them with your deepest secrets without fear of them divulging it to others. You might feel like you have to keep the relationship exciting and make most of the plans but it is worth it. A Scorpio friend is forever devoted and loyal to you so even if one of you moves or has to go away for a while, when you reconnect it will be as if nothing has changed.

If you ever has a disagreement with a Scorpio give them some space to cool down before trying to repair your friendship. They will have cold body language and look like they don’t care about what is going on but deep inside they are freaking out and just don’t know how to express themselves in the heat of the moment.

Inside Their Head

A Scorpio’s biggest fear is intimacy. To let someone in to their most personal thoughts is scary to them so be ready to be patient and earn your way in to their hearts.

Celebrity Scorpios

~ Ivanka Trump ~ Roseanne Barr ~ Katy Perry ~ Kendall Jenner ~ Weird Al Yankovic ~ Ryan Gosling ~ Ethan Hawke ~ Megyn Kelly ~ RuPaul ~ Stanley Tucci ~ Megan Mullally ~ Tracy Morgan ~ Maria Shriver ~ Metta World Peace ~ Meg Ryan ~ Owen Wilson ~ Larry King ~ Parker Posey ~ Chris North ~ Goldie Hawn ~ Keith Urban ~ Julia Roberts ~ Whoppi Goldberg ~ Sally Field ~ Ed Asner ~ Gordon Ramsey ~ Jodie Foster ~ Laura Bush ~ General George Patton ~ Danny DeVito ~ Matrin Luther ~ Michael Crichton ~ Billy Graham ~ Bill Gates ~ Martin Scorsese ~ Sam Rockwell ~ Charles Manson ~ Jimmy Kimmel ~ Hillary Clinton ~ Condelezza Rice ~ Jimmy Choo ~ Nelly ~ Joel McHale ~ Dan Rather ~ Gary Marshall ~ Glenn Fry ~ Joe Biden ~ Emma Stone ~ Maggie Gyllenhaal ~ Colin Kaepernick ~ Marla Maples ~ Voltaire ~ Sylvia Plath ~ Grace Kelly ~ Will Rogers ~ Leonardo DiCaprio ~ Demi Moore ~ Bram Stoker ~ Herman Rorschach ~ Joni Mitchell ~ Lamar Odom ~ Brad Paisley ~ Winona Ryder ~ Henry Winkler ~ Art Garfunkel ~ David Schwimmer ~ Neil Young ~ John Adams ~ Ted Turner ~ Claude Monet ~ Pablo Picasso ~ Warren G. Harding ~ John Cleese ~