30 Day Water Challenge


I am the first to admit that I could definitely drink more water in my life. Since I turned 35 last summer, I have had a weird kind of life awakening. It made me think about where my life is going and what I would like to accomplish with my time here on earth. Not a mid-life crisis or anything. Just a moment to review where I have been and figure out where I am going.

In this spirit, tonight I decided to try something new. I have read about the many health benefits of water. It was always on my husband’s lips as to why I have a headache, backache or leg cramps. I have never doubted him or the articles. I have just always chosen to look the other way and partake of the wonderful liquids in the world that make my taste buds go crazy. Well, I am going to try something. Not because anyone else is making me, but because I want to see what will happen.

So here is what my life is like now. I have several headaches a day and sometimes one lasts a couple of days. I can’t smell anything. I am constantly congested and ears feel plugged. I have 2 herniated discs in my back. I have been working on strengthening my back and core so it’s feeling better that it has in months, but maybe it can feel better. I get restless legs at night. I have chronic bloody noses. A lot of my family does so I don’t really think it has anything to do with water, but who knows? I know I am addicted to caffeine. Feel cruddy and foggy without it. I have been having acne breakouts on my face that last few years. And last but not least, I am overweight and could stand to lose 30-40lbs. I am shy enough that I am not ready to post my starting weight, but I will keep you in the loop of lbs lost along the way.

So here’s the plan and it is insanely simple:


I will not be measuring how much I drink per day. I will not be using flavored water or add-in flavoring of any kind. I will be using lots of ice. I love ice cold water. I know I will go through caffeine withdrawals but I will treat it with excedrin and water. I know when I get stressed at work I will crave the bubbles of soda. I will treat that by drinking water. But let’s just see where this experiment takes me. Hopefully somewhere good. Cheers and bottoms up!

DAY 1 (4/15/18)

Not much to report on my first day. I had a small headache but I think it’s more allergies and sinus pressure than anything. Took an Excedrin and went on with my day. Only drank water like I planned. I did not feel tempted or deprived at all.

DAY 2 (4/16/18)

Day 2 went well. It was not a stressful day at work so my love for bubbles did not come up. I drank plenty of water and went to bed happy.

DAY 3 (4/17/18)

Well, I have gained 5 lbs of water weight. My body seems to be holding on to the water and I haven’t had to pee like crazy like I thought I would. Feeling very bloated and uncomfortable I took a simple diuretic to see if that would help. Later in the night it did it’s magic. On a more personal note; I haven’t gone #2 since I started this challenge. I normally have minor issues from time to time anyway. I know that drinking hot liquids and caffeine have helped in the past but since I am only drinking water I am out of luck. So I took a senna tablet to help and it did but only a little. But I am not disuaded from my challenge in the slightest. I am ready and willing to deal with the first portion of the detox in order to enjoy the last parts.

DAY 4 (4/17/18)

It’s the morning of day 4 and I am so uncomfortable. Bloated and constipated I don’t know if I can stomach drinking or eating anything right now. For the sake of my health, I am contemplating having a small hot tea to help the bowels do their thing just to get relief. Then it will be back to water only. We’ll see how it goes, haven’t given in just yet. Hoping my warm oatmeal will take care of the problem.

It’s probably too early to tell but I haven’t seen any miraculous changes in my skin yet. Work was kind of stressful yesterday so I don’t know if my incoming cold sore is from that or from my body detoxing stress. Oy vey, how I hate cold sores.

So a funny thing happened today. A coworker came to me and said, “Good job on your challenge so far. How are you not feeling hungry?” I wasn’t quite sure what she was talking about but work was busy as usual so I didn’t think much about it and went on my way. Then my dad comments on my facebook challenge post about how I should take a multivitamin to stay healthy. ” Ok, that’s random”, I thought. Then a second coworker came in the break room as I was on lunch and she saw me eating and looked very surprised. “Are you not doing your water challenge anymore?” That’s when it hit me! People were thinking I was not going to eat food for 30 days and only drink water! I laughed so hard I must have scared my coworker. So I explained to her that my challenge had nothing to do with food. It was simply drinking water over anything else like sodas, juices, and coffees. She joined me in laughter. Who in the world could go 30 days without eating? Not me. I’m all for watching what I eat but get real. So after she left the room I went straight to social media to clarify my challenge to avoid any more confusion. I’ll never forget the look on my coworker’s face when she saw me eating.

DAY 5 (4/18/18)

Day 5 was pleasantly uneventful. I’m still a little on the water logged and bloated side but I am hoping my body gets the cues right soon of not holding on to so much water. Warm oatmeal helped yesterday’s issues so that’s nice. On a side note, I am feeling tired these last few days. I’m sure it has to do with no caffeine in the system. I just hope it gets better as time goes on.

DAY 6 (4/19/18) through DAY 9 (4/22/18)

Uneventful enough. Kept on drinking my water. This challenge has made me much more aware of putting liquids in my body for sure. I never used to think about it whether I was drinking soda or juice. Rarely did I reach for water first like many of us do. Still keeping on water weight which is really weird.

DAY 10 (4/23/18)

I feel so full and bloated again. Still only drinking water but I am not peeing it out a whole lot. Watching my sodium intake as I know that it makes your body hold on to water longer. And I am very (shhh) constipated again. Without my caffeine, it seems I grind to a halt in that department. I will probably drink coffee tomorrow if it continues.

DAY 11 (4/24/18)

Yes, I had to drink coffee this morning for some relief. But 1 cup and I was good to carry on with drinking only water. This challenge has been hard because it is so easy to order a soda when you go out to a restaurant. It almost surprises them when you say, “I’ll just have water.” Just? It’s funny how we say it like we hate what we are saying and choosing. From now on when I choose to drink water I will order it proudly! I will have water!

DAY 12 (4/25/18)

Today was very stressful and hard. I admit to breaking down and getting a large diet coke with my lunch. It seemed to calm nerves so for that I was grateful and only feel slightly guilty for getting it. That’s why they call it a challenge. It’s hard to do.

DAY 13 (4/26/18)

Feeling bad about yesterday, I drank so much water I did not eat very much. But I am starting to notice the headaches are slowly going away or are not as bad. My face seems a little less dry so maybe the water is helping my dry skin. Haven’t felt any more or less energetic. Will keep going…

DAY 14 (4/27/18) & DAY 15 (4/28/18)

I am combining these two days because there is nothing special to report. Water, water and more water. No headaches, no tummy troubles and no stress to make me crave the bubbles.

DAY 16 (4/29/18)

Sunday was a beautiful day. I started to think back to 15 days ago when I started this journey. It is amazing how a simple thing like this challenge makes you ponder other things. A small thing like paying attention to what I drink has made me very focused on more things about my life. I worked out yesterday morning so that was cool. And it wasn’t a hard choice to get up and go. I want to give my body a chance to be the healthiest it can be. I am feeling energetic and ready to take on the world. Is this from the water? Maybe. Maybe not. I think it’s both. If it is not the physical water going in to my body, then it is the intentional thoughts that go through my mind as I reach for H2O instead of something else. This is really cool.

DAY 17 (4/30/18)

Last day of April and feeling pretty good. I had to again drink a small coffee this morning to keep things moving but I am at peace that my intestines require a little something to maintain movement. I have tried to increase my fiber but then other problems pop up. But we won’t go there, ha ha ha. You don’t need to know that much about me. Just know that if I have to settle for drinking 6 ounces of coffee once every 3 days or so then my life can go on.

Had lots of energy today. Only a little came from the coffee. It is getting easier to keep reaching for the water bottle in front of me during the day. So inspired to continue and maybe after these 30 days are over I can do another health challenge of some kind. I could do something crazy like no chocolate or something. Maybe I’ll take a poll on facebook to get some ideas.

DAY 18 (5/1/18)

My lips are starting to feel not as chapped and my face is not as dry.

DAY 19 (5/2/18)

Energy levels are continuing. Body doesn’t feel as drained as usual. Maybe there is something to this drinking water thing after all.

DAY 20 (5/3/18)

At the end of the day I realized I kinda forgot to drink anything today. Oops. Not good. I must remember to drink water throughout the day.

DAY 21 ( 5/4/18)

Really stressful day at work and distracted I got a soda because the bubbles were calling to me. Weird though because I took 2 sips, enjoyed the bubbles and then did NOT go back for the rest. Can you believe that? My cravings for sodas are pretty much gone. I don’t think I could live off just water forever. Orange juice and apple juice call to me daily but I resist.

DAY 22 ( 5/5/18)

Only water today, hooray! I have started to notice that my face is not as dry as it usually is. I have had to readjust my facial products a little to accommodate. It seems like such a small and simple thing to commit to only drinking water but changing anything about our daily routines is a challenge.

DAY 23 ( 5/6/18)

Simple Sunday. I was working so hard on the floor today I think I went through a gallon of water at least. I had a sweet treat after lunch and it was interesting how I took one bite and didn’t get the usual zing of sugar. Took another bite and I was done with it and threw out the rest. So crazy how taking away diet soda for the most part has changed my taste buds and cravings. Pretty cool.

DAY 24 ( 5/7/18)

Mondays are never easy and today kicked my butt for sure. I needed a brain pick me up so I settled for a small iced coffee and moved on. I think I drank 7 or 8 large bottles of water today and had to pee like crazy. Feeling good today.

DAY 25 ( 5/8/18)

Nothing extraordinary to write about today. Drank only water and only a mild headache that tylenol took care of.

DAY 26 (5/9/18)

It’s been almost 30 days since I started this challenge and even though I have had to drink coffee for physical reasons and I have “needed” a soda a time or two, I feel pretty good about myself. I went in to this knowing it would be hard but that I could do it none the less. As I feel like I have made a good change in my life. I have every reason to believe that after this particular challenge is over I will continue to reach for water first.

DAY 27 (5/10/18)

So I bet you have been wondering how this challenge has affected my weight. I am sad to say that it hasn’t changed that part of me at all. It has made me crave sweets less so in time it should help but for some reason my body is hanging on to the water a lot of the time. I will have to explore why this is happening. It is annoying that I haven’t budged the scale but I am still very glad I am doing this for myself.

DAY 28 (5/11/18)

2 more days to go and I have to say I don’t really think about it being a burden anymore to drink water. Sure, I’ve had a soda or coffee two or three times during this challenge but for the most part I feel I have so far succeeded with what I set out to accomplish.

DAY 29 (5/12/18)

Basic day of work and water. No craving for the bubbles or sweet snacks.

DAY 30!! (5/13/18)

Congratulations to me! I have made it through 30 days of my challenge. This has been a process of the mind more than the body. I have had my share of temptation and struggle but I got through it and made it here. So even though I did not lose any weight or anything magical, I do see a difference in my skin being less dry. I don’t feel as dependent on caffeine as I used to and my headaches have been a lot less. I have a renewed sense of what it means to make a choice and stick to it and it encourages me to continue to seek ways to improve my physical being. I can try a new 30 day challenge of no chocolate or sweets or something like that. That one might not be as hard as I once thought thanks to this one.


Will you try this 30 day Water Only Challenge for yourself? I would love to hear about your journey in the comments below.