World Nutella Day Feb 5th!

World Nutella Day February 5th

I have yet to find a person that doesn’t love Nutella! I have known 2 people that are allergic to chocolate/cocoa but I am not counting them since they have no choice. So it is no surprise to learn that someone out there also loved Nutella SO much that she dedicated a whole day to it.

The creation of World Nutella® Day.
Sara Rosso, an Italian-American blogger and Nutella® lover, had a great idea: to dedicate one day of the year to her favorite spread. So, on February 5th 2007, Nutella® lovers the world over were called to unite. And World Nutella® Day was born. Since then, World Nutella® Day has “become a way to celebrate it and also an introduction for a lot of people to try Nutella® for the first time” (S. Rosso). “~ source

Who is the genius behind Nutella?

I went straight to the source at for the scoop. A pastry maker named Pietro Ferrero was distraught over a shortage of coca during WWII. So he created a paste from sugar and hazelnut paste and added just a pinch of cocoa and bam! in May of 1946 ‘Giandujot’ was created. This would be the first for 3 versions that lead to the brown heaven we have today. Oddly enough he named it after a popular local clown from the area circus.

So the ‘Giandujot’ was a little too thick and he wanted to make something softer to spread on to bread easily. So back to drawing board he went and came up with version 2; SuperCrema. In 1951 Italy rejoiced with his new recipe. It is not clear who created this version. Pietro passed away in 1949 so son Michele took over but I am unable to find specific credit for this version. Maybe a collaboration of father and son?

While this was an improvement in texture, he knew he could do better in the flavor now that cocoa was not in short supply.

In 1964, son Michele Ferrero went back to the kitchen and created a smooth hazelnut spread and named it Nutella. And the world has been enjoying it ever since. You can even take it with you wherever you go with the convenient to-go packages like this.

What else can you do with Nutella?

You can throw this yummy concoction on just about anything from apples to pancakes or english muffins and even popcorn. But I have discovered some delicious recipes that use Nutella and let me tell you, they are to die for. Find some scrumptious recipies below:

Find basic ideas at But these are more what things you can put it on.

No Bake Nutella Fudge from Tastes of Lizzy

3-Ingredient Nutella Brownies from The Comfort of Cooking

Nutella Cookies from Sugar Spun Run

So do yourself a favor and on the way homed stop and get yourself a jar of nirvana, take a spoon and stick a gob of guilt-free Nutella in your mouth. And maybe share some with family and friends. Nah, you can keep it for yourself. I won’t tell